Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lack of excitement

Generally i post poems on this blog and do my entries on my other blog; however, for whatever reason, I felt like discontinuing the updates on my last blog and just update this one. I'll create a category named "poems" or port them to my site or something.

To be completely honest, I'm not sure if people actually read blogs. I try to stay as up-to-date with friends blogs as possible, but sometimes it's difficult. I don't know, perhaps it's because I get harped on for blogging that I lost my reasoning for blogging. Tis now the moment to say "screw it", and blog as much as I want, whenever I want... except during sex, that'd just be too weird. Come to think of it now.... dun dun duuuuuuuun
(To be continued)... not really.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


For you
I would bend over backwards
I would sacrifice anything I've ever had/have
I would be with you forever

I love you
with all my heart
with all my soul
with every little ounce of me

You are
the one I dream to be with
the one I love
the one I ...will remain with

you are the one I will bend over backwards for.
I love you with every little ounce of me.
One day I will proudly call: my wife.

Forever yours I will remain,
until my last breath is taken from me.
je t'aime ma belle, chaques jours, plus en plus.

(not really a poem per-say.. but I thought I'd write it.)
Proud to share the fact that iloveyou

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blogger API, lack of posts


so it turns out that I don't write in here as nearly as much as I should. A good friend of mine Zach reminded me of blogging. Well, he asked if I blogged,which then made me remember my "old" blog, then brought me back to this. So, my new project is blogger incorporation (I more than positive I used that word wrong, but oh well).

Seeking employment is a difficult thing to do. I was going to go on unemployment until I got a job, but for reasons in which are completely stupid, I cant. Those of you who follow my website or my blog would know that I was in a legal "predicument" do to a post. Later to find out as I'm trying out for unemployment that it's null and void and I can resell or release any source code I have obtained. Since a contract was written in September 2008 and I wasn't a "legal" employee until January 2009 this would mean that the contract signed prior to was null and void, at least I'm thinking so. I'll be looking more into it legally as soon as I can. Hopefully it doesn't count because I have so much shit that I can release that would blow your guys' heads off!

With that said, in case you guys haven't heard, I'm in love. LoL, yes I know I say that a lot; however, for some reason I feel different. Can this be true love? Who knows really, I like to believe it.

I believe I'll kick it off with that and end the post here. Hope all is well and enjoy your stay on the site :-p.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CMM - whats!

What is it about you ?
That makes me melt?
what is it about you that makes me feel like I'm on top of the world?
Is it your stunning green eyes?
You gorgeous smile?
Your soft smooth skin?
Your personality?
Or is it your keen fashion sense?

I love the way you giggle at my stupid jokes,
I love the way you kiss me when you want to.
I love the way you are, who you are without trying to be someone else.

You're an inspiration to me,
With positive your attitude
You shine my way on your cloudiest day.
You're intelligent, beautiful, and amazing.

For once in my life, I can that I have not made a mistake.
I fell in love with you, with someone who makes me feel like the best person in the world.
Candise Marlyn, M, you are the best thing to walk into my life.
I thank you, I love you,
Forever in your l shall remain apart of
As you shall in mine.

Pierre Chretien
Wednesday, February 11, 2009 4:30pm

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

andi be wonderful

calming soothing sounds
arise from your voice
not knowing, exactly what to say
doing my best to let you see
i care, I will be there.
seeing you smile makes me
extremely, happy.
indiscribable feelings, as how I feel.
slowly falling more and more.
wondering where it will relate
on the verge of spilling
nothing can stop how I feel
dealing with everything is much
easier with you
remarkable eyes, soft skin, beautiful smile
full of light and amazing personality
unfulfilled day without, a day of you
looking forward to each visit.

Friday, December 5, 2008


2008/12/05 02:37

Absolutely amazing
My mind/thoughts can't comprehend
All signs points to "jack-pot"
Zebra patterned hair
Intellegent, she be
Nothing can stop me now
Going insane..

Personally, one of my favourites people
Every thought, involves her
Reminding me, life is more than a shit hole
So lovely,
On a plain of complete nirvana
Nothing compared to this.

Negativity, escapes when I'm talking to her
Amazingly beautiful she be
More than anyone
Ecstatic feeling swarming me
Driving me, drilling me...

Something about this, is so very right.
Age is nothing but a number
Remember this

Monday, November 24, 2008


live not in regret
for you will not be who you are today.
take a leap, be adventurous,
you live only once.
tell those who you love, how you feel,
express your feelings.
life is a game,
you are the player.
if rules are broken,
you suffer the consequences.
if played correctly,
be rewarded.
the objective,
try to remain as happy as possible.
the obstacles,
rejection, negativity, bad influences, and regret.
the puzzle,
your ever lasting thoughts.
as each day goes be,
you ponder.
as you ponder,
more and more regret each turn.
thus continuing this endless game,
shoots and ladders, up with regret and down with happiness.
this game will be different,
I shall be an obstacle in your game.
defeat me, tear me down,
like you have in the past.
like you have been doing all along,
care not now, for you cared not then.
I mind not, for I know,
you are confused.
I succeed at my job,
the obstacle in your way.